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What is a CDL truck driver? A CDL truck driver is a driver that possesses a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) that allows you to drive bigger vehicles for commercial purposes. CDL drivers are permitted to drive any vehicle that is transporting cargo for business purposes, either collecting or delivering or carrying 12 or more people at a time in a bus. If any hazardous cargo is transported, you need to have a CDL License with an endorsement, or you will be faced with huge fines.

A commercial driver’s license was introduced many years ago to regulation. It educates drivers on the road in many countries across the world due to the high demand for drivers. Some countries reference PDP, also known as the public driver’s permit, which is the same as a commercial driver’s license. Irrespective of your country, if you transport any commercial goods on behalf of a customer, you require a commercial driver’s license.

Driver medicals
Each country has its own requirements on how to obtain a commercial driver’s license. Some countries require a medical to be done as part of the licensing process. Medicals for drivers is an essential function to be considered when employing a driver. Drivers are handling a significant asset for a company in driving your vehicle and cargo. Decreasing the risk factors is the aim of doing medicals.

What is to be expected from a medical on the driver? Driver medicals consist of checking heart conditions, respiratory, vision, and mental health checks. The medical is aimed at ensuring drivers are fit for handling and driving vehicles for commercial purposes. encourages customers to do a thorough check before employing a driver. Driver employment is not just about hiring a driver because he fit in with the company culture. It is essential to do background checks like criminal, medical, and previous employment history checks. Employing the wrong driver can cost your company dearly.

Please check USA Licenses per state to get more insight on what licenses are applicable for each state.