As a Commercial Driver, you will always have many work opportunities as truckers’ demand will always be around and be a requirement for many businesses. One of the biggest industries that employ drivers is the Logistics sector, where I have over 20 years of experience. As the local demand grows and logistics company needed to hire more employees to keep up with the market, a perfect example of this is Amazon during COVID was the fastest growing business in the US and hired an additional 100k of people to work for them to keep with the demand of e-Commerce.

What is the best trucking company to work for 2021 in the USA? We get asked this question many times. During our years in Logistics, we have learned who to work with and who to avoid. There are many great companies to work for, and they all have their individual pros and cons. You have four options available to choose from

Option 1: Join with a For Hire Company.

The USA Market are having over 720 000 registered trucking business for you to choose from. Joining one this medium to large companies can be very beneficial for drivers as they will pay wages and benefits like medical, retirement, and more. With the high demand, drivers stay for a long time with the business, meaning that they are satisfied and working for a fair employer that cares about the staff.

Some of the carriers have the numbers to qualify as a mega carrier. However, they don’t make the ‘pay drivers poorly list’ for one reason or another. This is usually because the drivers are unionized.

Here are the TOP20 companies hiring drivers and own a fleet of tractors and trailers.

1UPS Inc.Atlanta4,440,00019,851107,542
2Fedex CorpMemphis, Tenn.475,00029,813113,218
3XPO Logistics Greenwich, Conn.100,00015,50040,000
4J.B. Hunt Transport ServicesLowell, Ark.29,10617,97235,093
5SchneiderGreen Bay, Wis.16,6509,00035,100
6YRC WorldwideOverland Park, Kan.30,00014,10043,700
7Knight-Swift Transportation HoldingsPhoenix, Ari23,80019,52058,315
8Old Dominion Freight LineThomasville, N.C.21,1599,29637,539
9Landstar SystemsJacksonville, Fla1,33310,24317,067
10Ryder Supply Chain SolutionsMiami, Fl
11TFI InternationalMontreal, Quebec16,70015,84425,505
12Hub GroupOak Brook, Ill.5,0003,9004,920
13Estes Express LinesRichmond, Va.19,0007,48538,617
14ArcBestFort Smith, Ark.13,0004,13723,639
15Penske LogisticsReading, Pa.19,4754,63417,626
16Werner Enterprises Omaha, Neb.12,7368.03323,145
17Prime Inc.Springfield, Mo.4,9007,41614,116
18NFICamden, N.J.12,6004,55012,500
19R&L CarriersWilmington, Ohio
20Roadrunner Transportation SystesmDowners Grove, Ill. 3600
21Bolt Express TruckLoadToledo, Ohio500n/an/a
Top 20 Companies for Hire drivers
Data Through December 31 2019.


All these companies are tops in their respective fields. Certain factors will largely determine which company will appeal to you the most.

  1. Do you have your CDL? Or not.
    1. If you will be driving commercially and bigger than the normal-sized vehicle on the road, you will be required to have Commercial Drivers Licenses.
    2. If you are new to commercial driving, Stuart here
  2. What state you live in.
    1. Unless you want to work as a short distance driver, you don’t need to worry about finding a driver job in the same state you live in unless you have some excellent local options available for the long haul.
    2. If you choose a long haul career, you will be travelling for most of your time and won’t be home every day, and with some planning, you will be home every week or two. This will allow you to be a bit more flexible in picking the right company for you.
  3. Experience. 
    1. How much experience do you have as a CDL driver? A new driver or experienced driver has got tons of options available and can pick the next job. 
    2. Drivers with little to no experience do not have the luxury to pick and choose the ideal company or until they have some years of experience. When you have little to 
  4. Solo or team driving? 
    1. What is your preference, do you want to drive as a solo driver and carry all the responsibility.
    2. We advise new or inexperienced drivers to take team driving for several reasons. You can learn a lot from another driver with years of experience.
  5. Company driver job or an owner-operator position? both are good options
    1. Company driver job – This will provide you with a steady monthly income and be part of a team to give you a sense of belonging. 
    2. Owner-operator position – Ideal for a person that is looking for more freedom. You will be able to earn more money this way, and you can choose what trips you want to do beforehand.
  6. Type of driving? What is your preference?  
    1. Long haul trucking – Generally, have 1 – 3 delivery address across multiple states, and you can be away from home for several days and enable you a higher cost per mile. This will also include your depot to depot transfers.
    2. Regional trucking – Your destinations are not always close to one another, and you will be required to work some days to work overtime to complete all your deliveries and get back to base. It does pay well, and the overtime will be welcomed.
    3. Local driving work – You will be able to plan for a 9 to 5 job and most likely to be home every evening with the family. Some delays can be caused by facilities like airports and ports where standing time will be applicable. 
  7. How important is salary to you? Drivers are earning higher than average blue-collar workers. All you have to decide on the distance you want to travel, which will contribute to what salary you can expect from your employer.
  8. Are there any types of trucking you will not do? 
    1. With many truck configurations available, you need to choose what you would like to diver, e.g., flatbed, tanker, and much more.
  9. Job benefits offered by the employer.
    1. Most business will be providing benefits, you will need to check and ensure that you are happy with them.
    2. Also, check if there are any specific benefits from a job you want?
  10. Secure a long term truck driving career
    1. You don’t want to jump from one trucking company to another. Be sure to be careful when selecting your offer from a company to ensure you can have a long term career with the correct rewards and benefits.   

Option 2: Joining a company of drivers. 

This is generally a company that broker drivers out to a company that hires drivers for when drivers are sick on just on a well deserved holiday. This is not a bad option to join a company like this while looking at finding the perfect match for you. This will provide you with some time and experience. This will give you some insight into the right industry and truck for you to drive, and you don’t have to get attached to the people. These jobs are usually from a day or two to a couple of weeks. 

The benefits are in line with option 1. Let’s be true that one of the disadvantages is that you don’t necessarily have a job every day as these types of companies only supply on demand. So you might have some extra free days during the week and depend on your employer might not pay you for those days. No work, no pay.

Option 3: Freelance Driver. 

I am the biggest fan of freelancing. This can be an advantageous option for drivers, especially when you have a particular skill and can charge a premium for your service. When transporting highly dangerous cargo or oversized cargo, you need special permits and endorsement to your license. This comes at a price tag, and people are happy to pay a little bit extra for your experience. You might not need to exercise these skills every day and give you the day off to catch up on some golf. Let’s face you will be rewarded well, and doing a good job, you will find lots of referrals from the industry.

Option 4: Start Your own Business. 

Why Start your own business? One great reason to start a business is that it could help you start making the money you can use to do good in the world and support your local community. We live in a world rife with problems, and often, a lack of funding causes those problems. A successful business would put you in place to do something about that. Many entrepreneurs do this. The question you need to ask yourself is the risk worth it, and do you have the nerves to make it successful and drive to grow your business.