The complete guide to flatbed trucking

With the trucking industry growing year on year and more drivers coming available, it is still not fast enough to keep up with the current demand for a growing economy. Yes, there is more work available than drivers currently. Trucking is tough work, especially flatbed trucking as it is more demanding on the drivers, it is generally more work then other trucking services. The plus side is if you are looking for a long-term career with security, reward, and lots of opportunities, long haul trucking is the perfect career for you.

What is the work like for flatbed trucking?

It is one of the most exciting and unique environments, as you don’t know what will come your way to transport from pallets of bricks to huge oversized tanks or houses. These drivers are responsible for carrying anything and everything across the world that will not fit on a regular truck, and sometimes need to have nerves of steel. 

The driver plays an active role in the loading and loading of the truck as they will take responsibility for what they load on their flatbeds and maintaining the integrity of the commodity the moving. It is a priceless advantage over the average driver that only stop, load, and leaves again without taking note of how their trucks are loaded. Good flatbed drivers have the possibility of earning quite substantial more money as they are going way and beyond the regular duty. 

The advantages 

If flatbed trucking excites you and you can see your self here are some of the advantages

Caucasian Male Trucker Sitting Outide Of His Vehicle And Relaxing During Break.
  • Versatility – When using a flatbed, freight gets loaded from its sides, rear, and tip. This versatility makes the loading and unloading process more manageable, and it takes less time to complete the work. 
  • Adequate Space – With a flatbed, transporting larger-sized equipment or cargo is never a problem.
  • Specialized Equipment – Along with standard flatbeds, specialized flatbed trailers are available, including extendable step decks, drop decks, and removable goosenecks. When transporting heavy equipment or prefabricated construction materials, the flatbed truck company has the necessary equipment.
  • Secured Cargo – Freight moved via a flatbed trailer is more secure. Since these loads are exposed, experts use chains, coil racks, and traps to prevent the cargo from shifting during transport. The secured freight will arrive at its destination unscathed.
  • Dimensional Flexibility – Flatbed trucks offer incredible dimensional flexibility for virtually any size or shape load.
  • Enhanced Convenience – Flatbeds are also more convenient. Loads on a flatbed are moved carefully and safely using a winch or crane.
  • Continuous Space – Flatbed trucks are just that, trailers with a continuously flat surface. As a result, they can accommodate items that standard operators cannot transport.
  • Better Pay – Flatbed truckers typically bring home a higher salary than dry van haulers. Also, remember that the money doesn’t have to be earned entirely on the road. Many flatbed truck drivers earn money from supervising the loading process, setting tarps, and other related activities.

The dangers of flatbed trucking

You must understand what you get yourself into before you pick a career in flatbed trucking and what you are getting yourself into.

Dangerously-sized and secured loads

The flatbed truck’s open-frame design allows for easier access to the shipped items. This practical design also presents a higher risk of a crash. Flatbed trucks often transport more substantial, heavier loads, and these loads may contain irregularly shaped and sized goods such as lumber, steel, or machinery. Properly securing irregularly shaped and sized products may prove to be a difficult task. 

Improperly secured goods are a hazard to Florida drivers as items can fall off the trailer and crash onto Florida roads if the flatbed truck takes a full turn or strikes a pothole. Drivers may find it difficult or even impossible to avoid a collision with these objects. Such an accident may also cause “chain-reaction crashes,” in which multiple vehicles subsequently crash into the first accident or debris. These accidents may result in serious personal injuries in addition to significant property damage for many people.


The sheer size of a flatbed truck can cause complications for drivers. Flatbed trucks take up more space on the road, obstruct views, and leave little room for vehicles to maneuver in emergencies. For example, obstructed views can lead to severe injuries if flatbed trucks keep drivers from seeing hazards such as stopped vehicles, objects on the road, or lane closures. Failure to understand risks can cause serious accidents with lasting complications. 

The size of flatbed trucks may also cause particularly severe injuries in accidents caused by reckless driving. For instance, flatbed truck drivers who suddenly slam on their brakes can leave trailing vehicles vulnerable to collision. In some cases, this can result in severe injuries, and there have been instances of death as drivers strike the truck’s low beds.

Slippery Conditions

The design of a flatbed truck is not conducive to precipitation runoff. As a result, the bed of flatbed trucks can become very slippery when wet. This can result in injuries, even death, for individuals, even workers, walking on the backs of these trucks. Icy conditions may cause an individual to fall from the truck bed or also strike a part of the truck’s frame.

How much does a Flatbed trucker earn

Your earning will be determent by the amount of experience you have. The average Flatbed Truck Driver salary in the USA is $58,500 per year or $30 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $29,250 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $99,450 per year.


Once you start looking for flatbed work, you can count on call after call, especially if you are an experienced flatbed driver with a proven safety record. However, as with any job, the carriers who call the most are not always the ones who offer the best opportunities. Thus, it is better to search for an employer who can provide you with the base salary, bonuses, commissions, and perks that best suit your preferences.

It is important to note that new and experienced drivers may not receive the same opportunities. Employers will always prefer more experienced drivers. Even so, the trucking industry is hungry for new workers, and novices often quickly get promoted to better jobs.

While choosing a trucking company that can meet your personal and financial goals is very individualized, we have listed a few of the top freight haulers that offer flatbed trucking jobs.

Even though new truck drivers may work their way up the ladder very quickly, many do not initially have the tools they need to find the best opportunities. helps to provide a large pool of trucking jobs from which to choose.

More experienced drivers who may be looking for a change find our site is an efficient way to explore different trucking jobs. Whatever your starting point, when you begin your job search, you will appreciate that it is free.

Reference Dolman Law Group